DavidGoodrich - Persephone Returns

David Goodrich. One day we all woke up to discover that something had changed. A person, known by a lot, a friend & lover of many, but most importantly a PRESENCE for all; He’d moved on to another space.

David Goodrich was not someone you just knew of. He made an impression. He made a place for himself. A part of him was always passed on as a lasting memory to those of us lucky enough to make his acquaintance. A rare intellect not afraid to challenge or be challenged, he seemed to take the greatest pleasure in provoking discourse on any subject and then subtly injecting the most obscure and yet pertinent bits of data from sources far-flung yet always authoritative and balanced…

And always finding humor & truth in the darkest of corners, revealing it to light.

Here is a memorial & archive to the work of the mind, pen, brush, pallet knife & other assorted tools of expression that left behind a vivid record of the fruits of a life well spent. The hope is that this will be a slowly evolving archive as we discover additional work and incorporate it into the presentation. If you possess any related materials and would like to share them with the archive, PLEASE contact us!

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